Five Oaks Farm is an Arabian horse breeding facility located on 42 acres near York, in the rolling upstate of South Carolina. Owner and operator, Joy Gildersleeve, has family roots in agribusiness that trace back for generations to England and Ireland. Our farm name is a tribute to ancestors who traveled from New York state to Illinois in 1836 to co-found an agricultural settlement. Their new homestead in the settlement was named "Five Oaks" because of the majestic oak trees on the property, and the first building constructed was the Gildersleeve barn.

The current Five Oaks Farm has been located in South Carolina since 1984. Joy has had a life-long passion for horses, but the compelling beauty and interesting history of the Arabian breed hold a special appeal for her. Childhood dreams became a reality in 1973, with the purchase of a charming Half-Arabian mare. This mare was a companion horse to all at Five Oaks for more than 30 years, and was the catalyst that led to the acquisition of purebreds and our subsequent breeding program

The predominant purpose of the Five Oaks breeding program is the preservation of type. Arabian horses have a unique beauty and charisma that has been cherished by many, and nurtured world-wide by breeders for thousands of years. At Five Oaks, Joy and her staff strive to continue that tradition. We endeavor to breed pretty and athletic horses with the distinct Arabian characteristics, not only to appreciate now, but to help insure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience the timeless allure of the Arabian horse. After some early experimentation with several bloodlines, Joy was fortunate to obtain some mares from Focus Farm....renowned for an excellent line-breeding program. These foundation mares and their off-spring have then been crossed with individuals from other proven bloodlines for a blending of qualities that we feel represent the Arabian breed in a classic and positive manner.

Please take a moment to review our Gallery and Sale Horses pages for photos of a few of the horses that are representative of our breeding program.